8/2019 Announcement: New Financing Module!

The new Financing Module will be located in the Mastery Core Curriculum and will replace the current module.

The current Financing Module is scheduled to be retired and will be referred to as the 'Legacy Financing Module'.
The Legacy Financing Module will be moved to the Course Catalog and will be accessible for 6 months before it is retired. Once it is retired, it will no longer be accessible.

Your current progress in the Legacy Financing Module will not be lost. It will transfer with the move of the module to the Course Catalog.

To continue accessing the Legacy Financing Module please follow these steps:

a. From the home page click on the 'Learning' tab.
b. From the drop-down menu click on 'Course Catalog'
c. From the Course Categories Filters select 'Legacy Core Curriculum'
d. Select 'Legacy Financing Module'
d. Select the desired course.

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