What suggestions do you have for balancing full-time job and growing my business?

Most of our students start this journey while continuing their full-time jobs until they can replace their income.  It is possible to balance both a current job with a growing a real estate business but you will want to set realistic expectations for yourself.  If you are unable to dedicate significant hours to growing this new business, your timeline for creating success will be a little longer than others dedicating more time.  

While you are in the process of balancing both, it is important to create a realistic schedule on when you will set time aside for the business and stick to it.  Our coaches are valuable resources to help create this plan and to get their perspective if they went through the same challenge when they started Mastery.

Staying consistent with the limited time you have will keep the momentum going in order to chip away at the foundational pieces of your education.

All in all, keep in mind:

  • When in enrolling into Mastery, 10-15 hour per week provides the best results
  • Realistic schedule and expectations - if you’re not able to carve that time out at the offset, start looking at your schedule and where you can make the time - it might mean dedicating your weekends or 2 hours every day
  • Be consistent - set specific time aside each week in your calendar.  Think of it as a meeting with your boss (yourself!) and don’t miss it!
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself; this is a marathon not a sprint and we want you to enjoy the journey too!
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