How do I edit the original Purchase and Sale Agreement?

The Purchase and Sale Agreement is available through your Mastery site in two places:

  • Searching for “Purchase and Sale Agreement” in the search bar
  • Under Phase 3, Course 1: Real Estate Contract Law & Purchase and Sale Agreement - Course Resources section

There are two types of documents: a 3-page letter size and a 2-page legal paper size.  Click on the document so it begins to download.

Navigate to the download section of your browser and open it with the word processor of your choice. We recommend using Microsoft Word as all of our documents are created with Microsoft. The document will open with a yellow banner across the top similar to the picture below:

Click the “Enable Editing” (highlighted above) so you may begin editing the document.

 From there, you will edit the sections by clicking on each line i.e. Seller, Address, Buyer, etc. You will notice the line begin to move, so make sure to delete it by highlighting a section before you begin inserting information. You may also print this document and fill in the information with ink.

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