What are the benefits of setting up my company in Nevada?

There are many benefits to setting up your company in Nevada because they are business friendly. For starters, their piercing rate of corporate veil is very low sitting at 2.8%. There is a separation between the individual and the corporation. Meaning if your company was being sued, the chance of the defendant coming after your assets and succeeding would be slim.

Also, the tax benefits in Nevada are helpful because you have more access to deductions and lower tax rates. Overall, you are able to reinvest more money into your business.

Furthermore, there are no minimum capitalization requirements in Nevada. Meaning a bank or financial institute does not need to hold a certain amount of capital because their financial regulators do not require it. There are other significant reasons as to why businesses choose to set up their company in Nevada. This would explain why 80% of businesses incorporated in Nevada do not do business there, they just appreciate the benefits of setting up their company within the state of Nevada.

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