What is the difference between a partner and a primary? Why is it set up that way?

This is for account purposes within the program.  The “Primary” is the FortuneBuilders main point of contact and is required to approve any changes to the account including adding partners or switching the primary account holder.  

The partner and primary structure referred to within FortuneBuilders does not necessarily need to mirror your individual business structure.  

In order to learn and grow your business as a team, it is important to have one main point of contact, just as any company will have a CEO, to coordinate the coaching calls and make changes to the account.  We found that when multiple people have the ability to schedule calls, it ends up causing more issues than solving them.

With the FortuneBuilders program, those are the only two aspects that differentiate a partner and a primary.  The partner is certainly able to have separate coaching calls if the primary is unable to attend the call, though they'll need to be booked through the primary's account.

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