Are there any other networking activities at the event?

Yes!  Networking is an important and fun part of the Bootcamp Summit events and we have several different ways to accomplish your networking goals.

There will be a FortuneBuilders networking party on Friday or Saturday evening of the event - details will be provided with your event reminder emails as well as in the event information packet you’ll receive upon check-in.

When the event schedule permits, we also have a FortuneBuilders family morning run, yoga and meditation, and a FortuneBuilders Olympics!

We also encourage you to network throughout the event as well.  

A great way to really get the most from networking at the event is to connect with others from your area through the Mastery Facebook to coordinate meeting while you’re at the event.

You can also choose to sit in different places in each event, connect with others during lunches and breaks, and bring all of your business cards!  Make sure to maximize each opportunity to connect!

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