How do I book a coaching call?

You can schedule a call with a coach using the call calendar.

To access the calendar, select 'Coaching' from the Quick Navigation Menu.

Once you are on the call calendar, you can use the filters to find the desired call type, date, time, and coach for the call that you wish to book.



Filter Options

  • Multiple Call Type Support - The coaching calendar supports multiple call types, which are color-coded to make it easier for you to recognize the call types displayed on the calendar. Note: You will only see the call types included in your plan. 
    • Real Estate (Field Expert)
    • Internet Quickstart

  • 'Select Time' Filter - You can select to search for calls that start within preset date ranges:
    • Early Morning (12am - 6am)
    • Morning (6am - 11am)
    • Afternoon (11am - 4pm)
    • Evening (4pm - 8pm)
    • Night (8pm - 12am)

  • 'Select Coach' Filter - You will be able to filter call availability by coach. You can search by name or scroll through the list of coach names that are displayed. Note: Only the coaches who have availability that is displayed on the calendar will show in the list.
  • 'Select Expertise' Filter - You can use this filter to find call availability for coaches that specialize in an area that you would like to focus on during your call. 
  • Order by Options - You can sort the availability results by Date & Time or by Coach.


How to Book a Coaching Call

To book a call, follow the steps below:

  1. Click 'Coaching' in the Quick Navigation Menu.
  2. You will then see the Coaching Calendar.
  3. Adjust the filters on the left-hand side to reflect your desired call type, time, coach and order by preferences.
  4. Select a day on the calendar that you wish to book a call on.
  5. When the availability appears below the calendar, scroll through the listings until you find an availability you wish to book. (Note: you can read the coach’s bio by clicking on the ‘Read Coach Bio’ link.)
  6. Press the ‘Select’ button on the desired call slot.
  7. Enter any details or information that may help the coach prepare for your call.
  8. Press ‘Book this call’.


Things to Note

  • You can access a video tutorial for the Coaching Calendar in the Knowledgebase on the Support page.
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