Why Choose Nevada Corporate Headquarters?

Iron Clad Asset Protection - Compared to all other states, Nevada law protects personal privacy and personal assets; corporate officers and directors are protected from any personal liability for your lawful acts on behalf of the Corporation or LLC. This protection comes from the bullet-proof corporate veil of Nevada. The corporate veil has never been pierced in the State of Nevada, except in instances of fraud.

Nevada is an extremely pro-business state. There are no additional tax requirements when filed in the State of Nevada.

No Minimum Capital Requirements - There is no minimum capital requirement for the amount of money you need to start your entity. Many other states required at least $1,000 or more in capital to start your Corporation or LLC.

One Person Requirement - One person can hold the office of your Corporation or LLC. Many states require at least 3 directors or managers. Thus, there is no need to bring another person into a Nevada Corporation or LLC if the owner does not desire it.

No Need to Come to Nevada - A Nevada corporation or LLC can be formed in the State of Nevada from anywhere in the country. You never have to visit the state, even to conduct annual meetings. Meetings can be held anywhere in the world at the option of the directors/managers.

Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc. (NCH) is a one-stop, full service corporate formation specialist. NCH is the fastest growing registered agent in Nevada, and has helped form over 100,000 business entities worldwide. For 30 years, they have been the leading provider for the formation of Nevada corporations and LLCs, asset protection strategies, business credit, as well as many other business and financial services.

They have a nationwide reputation for assisting entrepreneurs, investors, corporations and licensed professionals with structuring and sustaining a business enterprise designed to help reach their financial goals.

While there are other lower price incorporating firms, their company provides the highest level of customer service and personal attention coupled with the access to an extensive list of solutions a business needs to succeed in the corporate world.

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